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Because of our community's demand for contemporary style steel caskets we now offer the following:
See our entire line of dealership caskets at our web showroom site.
Call me immediately to get your request here on time.
Steel caskets are no longer being carried.
Objection #1 Will it be here in time?

Answer: At most 4 business days after you place the order it will be at a local Harrison Arkansas or Springfield Missouri funeral home (other cities must add additional delivery charge). That's likely 2 full days before you need it. 2 full business day shipments are possible also. If for any reason there's a complication, then you can still buy the funeral home casket as a backup. Don't be pressured into paying more for a casket due to delivery times. Please allow as much time as possible for shipping and delivery, and have a backup plan just in case. 

Objection #2 Is it the quality of the one in the funeral home?

Answer: Our latest source indicates to check for full interiors (lift and look underneath the closed lower side on other models), Casket also has a continuously welded bottom. Compare 18 Gauge prices to 18 gauge prices. Take a car for example. A same model car purchased from a car dealership may cost thousands more than one you can buy through a local source for essentially the same product.

Objection #3 What's included?

Answer: The interior, fabric valence, and pillow shown are included in the prices shown.

Objection #4 Is this a locally made casket?

Answer: Friars Casket is based in Harrison, AR. Your purchase supports several Boone county Arkansas and southern Missouri residents.

Our shop is a small one-man operation with a very low overhead. Prices shown above are for special models that the factory is discounting to move quickly. Our prices are set by the factory that we are a dealer for. There are many other models at the link that are available. Call for a price on those models. 

The Funeral Rule (1984 nationwide law) mandates that a funeral home must accept any third-party purchased casket for the funeral and may not charge any fees for acceptance.